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|17 July 2021| Three-Border Region

Yes, for real! Let's visit three countries on one day!

  • 89 euros
  • Three-border point

Service Description

We all know The Netherlands is known for being incredibly flat. Well, at 322,5 m, this is the highest point of the European part of The Netherlands, which is also the place where Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands meet. We will not only visit three countries on one day, we'll also enjoy a beautiful panoramic view from the Wilhelmina Tower and show our nerves of steel at an adventure park. Let's climb and enjoy the zip lines of this awesome forest! Type: Fun Difficulty: *** When: Saturday 17 July 2021 Meet up time: 08:00 (Please respect your fellow Road Trippers and be on time) Meet up location: Nijmegen Centraal Station (actual location will be send later) Itinerary 10:15 Arrival Vaals 10:20 For those who don't fear standing on a glass floor (so called Sky Walk) at a high height, let's climb the 34m high Wilhelmina tower and enjoy the lovely 360 degrees view. 10:40 It's time to visit three countries on one point. 11:00 Lunch time (please bring your own lunch or buy lunch at one of the stands) 11:30 Let's hike through two countries. After a while you'll notice people will greet you with "Bonjour" instead of "Hallo" / "Goedemorgen" 12:45 After the hike let's relax a bit in the bus while driving to the adventure forest 13:30 Our climbing skills get tested in the adventure forest. 16:00 Heading back to Nijmegen after a nice and interesting day! 17:45 (+/-) Arrival Nijmegen *Above is a general plan, it might change due to traffic or other reasons. Tips: Lunch: Please bring your own lunch and water Outfit: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes Price: € 89,- per person Price includes: 1. Round trip bus 2. Bus driver allowance 3. Team captain allowance 4. Planning and organization 5. Ticket Wilhelmina Tower 6. Ticket Adventure forest 7. 21% VAT Costs do not include: 1. Lunch 2. Other expenses you make and that are not on the "included" list Others: If lack in number of people or major reasons occur we have the right to cancel or postpone trips. If weather is really bad and represents a risk for people's safety during hiking, we will cancel the trip up to one/two day(s) in advance. If the trip will take place, you will be added to a Whatsapp group chat the previous day 5 pm the latest, so please provide your phone number.

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* = Beginner  ** = Easy *** = Intermediate **** = Hard ***** = Insane 


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