Meet Road Tripper: Susanne

In this blog a Road Tripper will tell you his/her experience of living in The Netherlands. This will give you some valuable insights/life hacks. Look out for a fresh blog every two weeks! For now: enjoy reading!

1. Please tell us something about yourself :)

I am Susanne and I am from Germany and I life in the Netherlands for 17 years and I work for the biggest food company Struik.

2. How do you experience living in The Netherlands?

It is expensive and that is why I still do a great deal of shopping in Germany, but none has the work life balance down like the Dutch.

3. What Dutch customs/habits are weird to you?

The three kisses to greet people and wishing everyone in the room happy birthday even though they are not even related to the birthday person.

4. Life hacks in The Netherlands (for example: Where to buy cheap groceries? How to find apartments? How to get into The Netherlands in the first place):

I got my appartment via private contacts but for affordable grocery shopping go to the LIDL or ALDI. Also Action is great for everything else you need even if you didn’t know you need it.

5. What are the must sees/ must do’s in The Netherlands?

Keukenhof, Dolphinarium, Zandvoort.

6. What was your experience with The Road Trip Club? I had a great day out at Giethoorn with a lovely group!

7. And last, but not least: What’s your favorite Dutch word?


(Hahahah, yes this is actually a funny word. You can look up the translation!)

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