Meet Road Tripper: EFe

In this new blog a Road Tripper will tell you his/her experience of living in The Netherlands. This will give you some valuable insights/life hacks. Look out for a fresh blog every two weeks! For now: enjoy reading this first blog

1. Please tell us something about yourself :)

I am from Turkey. I work at ASML (which makes machines for chip manufacturing).

I live in Eindhoven. It’s been 5 months since I came here (as of January 2022)

2. How do you experience living in The Netherlands?

Physically it is tough due to temperature and weather, but I can say mentally it is really nice to live with a community that respects each other with no reason.

3. What Dutch customs/habits are weird to you?

Eating habits are really different. We used to eat frequently and long hours, but here just a sandwich holds your hunger for a day. Besides, I had quite little chance to experience Dutch culture, since most of my time I spent with people who were open minded and had sense of universal culture.

4. Life hacks in The Netherlands (for example: Where to buy cheap groceries? How to find apartments? How to get into The Netherlands in the first place):

Oh, that’s a hard questıon for me :). I am still exploring the places nearby. For apartments, I heard frustrating stories but mine was quite smooth compared to average. Holland2stay might be a good alternative, expat facebook groups, friends and community here always helps. One tip: don’t hesitate to ask questions to people here.

5. What are the must sees/ must do’s in The Netherlands?

I really like the place Zaanse Schans. When you go there, you can see signs of dutch perseverance and diligence. Also, I liked Maasricht. Appereance of the city, buildings were very appealing for me, and when you go Maasricht do not forget to visit caves

6. What was your experience with The Road Trip Club? I went 3 trips which are Giethoorn, Zaanse Schans/Haarlem, and Maasricht. All of them was perfect and the exact way I wanted/guessed. Also, I try to join the quiz nights (but I cannot join all of them). I met lots of nice people and made friends during the trips. It is a nice way to share your culture and adapt living here.

7. And last, but not least: What’s your favorite Dutch word?


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