Meet Road Tripper: Amitava

In this new blog a Road Tripper will tell you his/her experience of living in The Netherlands. This will give you some valuable insights/life hacks. Look out for a fresh blog every two weeks! For now: enjoy reading this first blog

1. Please tell us something about yourself :)

I came to NL as a student.

I did my MSc in microelectronics and then

started working as an engineer in Nijmegen. I have been here for 5+


2. How do you experience living in The Netherlands?

I have enjoyed living here. I like the laid back attitude to life, very nice people, everyone speaks proper English. It is difficult to get to know the locals, therefore, joining TRTC trips helps. You get to meet the locals, practice your Dutch 😉 and receive tips about Dutch life.

3. What Dutch customs/habits are weird to you?

Drinking milk during lunch.

Eating liquorice. This blows my mind. Don’t find it lekker at all.

Speculaas is such a favorite here. Never understood why.

4. Life hacks in The Netherlands (for example: Where to buy cheap groceries? How to find apartments? How to get into The Netherlands in the first place):

Shops to watch out for : Aldi, Jumbo, Action. Albert Heijn is good but slightly expensive, but you are sure to find almost everything there.

For Apartments : worked really well for me. But don’t be stupid enough to transfer money before physically viewing the room and meeting the landlord in person.

Visa : There are several good universities here, so you can get here as a student, but beware, it is always difficult to find a room. Apart from that, of course you can look for a job here and then your employer arranges the visa/permit for you (not needed if you are an EU citizen of course 😊

5. What are the must sees/ must do’s in The Netherlands?

Windmills, canals, Rotterdam, Giethoorn, Scheveningen Beach.

I have heard that the Wadden islands are also a nice place to visit.

If you are into hills, then you need to go to Limburg. Visit Grotten Zonneburg in Maastricht.

6. What was your experience with The Road Trip Club? I have really enjoyed their trips. It was always well organized (a typical Dutch thing), but I like it that way. I have recently travelled with another trip organizer and I could directly see the difference. They even have the lunch breaks planned in, which is nice. Usually they guide us through the cities and all the activities are properly planned out in advance. I have made several nice memories while travelling with them. I have met new people, made a couple of friends as well. I highly recommend joining their trips if you are an expat and need to meet new people.

7. And last, but not least: What’s your favorite Dutch word?


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