Our partners

The Road Trip Club is affiliated with the Guarantee Fund for Specialized Tour Operators (GGTO). All multi-day (package) trips sold by us will be covered by this guarantee fund.

The GGTO Foundation guarantees that you will get back the amount of the sum you have already paid for your multi-day trip if the tour operator falls into financial insolvency. This can be before your departure, but also during your stay on location. Moreover, the GGTO Foundation guarantees your return trip during your stay if the tour operator, due to financial inability, can no longer take care of this. We will charge a fixed amount of € 7.50 per person for this guarantee.

For more information check the website of the GGTO
The Road Trip Club is a member of the Dutch association of small travelorganisations called VvKR. This association currently has 402 experienced travelexperts (members). These members stand for a personal approach and are focused on small-scale tourism. All trips are carried out with small groups or on an individual basis and the overnight stays are often in authentic accommodations in unique locations and with respect for the local culture, nature, traditions and practices.

For more information check the website of the VvKR
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Café De kluizenaar has been located for more than 30 years in the beautiful part of Nijmegen that is called Bottendaal. At Café De kluizenaar you can enjoy different special beers with accompanying snacks or have dinner with friends. The employees of De kluizenaar are very friendly and they helped us a lot when we had our first event. We are very grateful for that.

After our trips we always like to continue the fun we had that day at the Kluizenaar so we don't have to say good bye just yet! Here we will have dinner together or have drinks.


For more information check the website of De Kluizenaar

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Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. Their mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.
If you are a member of ESN Nijmegen, you will receive a free ESNcard. With this ESNcard you will get 5% discount on our trips! 

For more information check the website of ESN Nijmegen
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Toonen Reizen is a family company that has been in operation for almost 100 years. Read about their history here. They specialize in bus transportation.

Everyone in Nijmegen knows about Toonen Reizen and that's why we are pleased to be partnering with them. 

Toonen Reizen provides modern top-of-the-line buses, as well as experienced drivers. Professionality comes first with Toonen Reizen, and they promise a sollution to every situation. They don't just arrange a luxious touring car, but provide so much more. Like said before Toonen Reizen is a family company, and customers are a part of it. We have such a great experience when it comes to collaboration. They really help us expand The Road Trip Club family! 

For more information check the website of Toonen reizen
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Vertoef, a sustainable hotel close to Nijmegen Station (and the meet up location for our trips). Chances are you’re traveling to explore the world, to meet other people, perhaps to work hard as an expat, but anyway also to enjoy yourself. Guesthouse Vertoef, pronounced ‘Vertoof’, is derived from the old Dutch verb ‘vertoeven’, which means “to stay pleasurably” and this is exactly what we stand for. So have a good time! Long Stay means you want to enjoy one of our comfortable studios for the period of more than one month with a maximum of six months per calender year.

Guesthouse Vertoef wants her Long Stay guests to feel at home soon. You ’ll be having a fully equipped studio which makes it easy for you to make it your own place. Each studio is uniquely styled with en suite bathroom, toilet, flat screen tv and a kitchen with a fridge, dishwasher, induction cooker, oven and all the kitchen and tableware you need.

For more information check the website of Vertoef
The Life Net is a public portal for talent, new developments, business, innovation and education in food, health and energy.
It’s a public portal that’s all about living, working, studying and doing business in Lifeport, the innovation network of the Arnhem – Nijmegen – Foodvalley region.

They published an interview with us. Read it here!

For more information check the website of The Life Net
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Meet Other Students is a meeting platform on which you can participate in activities that are organised by either other students or Meet Other Students themselves.

Like The Road Trip Club, Meet Other Students has the goal to bring people together in a fun and casual way. You can join whenever you want, wherever you want. You can choose the activities that suits your needs and interests. A great way to do what you love and share your passion with other students that are on the same page. 

For more information and their upcoming activities check the website of Meet other Students