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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we meet up?

We meet up for our exciting day trips and weekend trips at Nijmegen Central Station.


Are the road trips corona proof?

The health of our Road Trippers is very important to us. That's why we make sure our day trips and weekend trips are completely corona proof. Road Trippers are required to wear a mask in the bus at all times and we keep 1.5m distance while we are at our awesome destination. 

When is the deadline to book the trip?

Because we have to arrange everything on time, it's important to book at least a week in advance.

Where can I find more information about the specific trips?

You can read up about a specific upcoming a day or weekend trips on our website, by clicking on the "Upcoming Trips" tab and then clicking on either the picture, the title or "read more". You will then be redirected to the page that provides more information.

How do I book a trip through the website?

Click on "book now". Then, under the date you'll find the starting time of the trip, click on that time. Then click Next and fill in your details. After that, simply click Pay Now and you're booked!

When will I receive more information about the trip I booked?

A couple of days before take off, we will create a Whatsapp group with all the Road Trippers where we will provide all the information you need to know.

What if I don't have Whatsapp or don't want to give my number?

That's no problem, it is nice to get to know each other already in the Whatsapp group and to share pictures after the trip, but we will send you the information by e-mail if you don't have Whatsapp or don't want to share your number.

How can we contact TRTC?

You can send us an e-mail at, Whatsapp us (0619108815) or send us a DM on FB (theroadtripclubnl) or Instagram (the.roadtripclub).

How about lunch/dinner?

In some trips lunch and dinner are included and some day trips you have to bring or buy your own lunch.
Keep an eye on the information for that specific day trip!


What is GGTO? When I want to book a multi-day trip I see that I have to pay extra for GGTO. What's up with that?

The Road Trip Club is affiliated with the Guarantee Fund for Specialized Tour Operators (GGTO). All multi-day (package) trips sold by us will be covered by this guarantee fund.

The GGTO Foundation guarantees that you will get back the amount of the sum you have already paid for your multi-day trip if the tour operator falls into financial insolvency. This can be before your departure, but also during your stay on location. Moreover, the GGTO Foundation guarantees your return trip during your stay if the tour operator, due to financial inability, can no longer take care of this. We will charge a fixed amount of € 7.50 per person for this guarantee.

How big are the groups?

We want to keep the trips intimate, that's why the group size varies from 15 to 35 people.

How do I pay? 

Once you have booked your trip, it would be great if you can transfer the money as soon as possible to our bank account: The Road Trip Club NL56ABNA0890090467. By paying directly, you avoid paying unneccesary transfer fees. Or you can pay with Master Card or iDeal.

What does a day trip look like exactly?

First, we meet at Central Station Nijmegen and/or another meet up location in The Netherlands, before hopping on a bus and getting to know each other a bit on the way to the destination. Your guides will also give you a more detailed overview of the itinerary. Once we reach our destination we have a great time together and do some fun activities. Then it's time to hop on that bus again and go back to your Meet Up location. At this moment, you can decide whether you want to have dinner together at a local restaurant or just go your own way.

Are the trips for expats and internationals only?

Most definitely not! We are there for both expats, international students ánd Dutchies who would like to go on a lovely day trip and meet other people. Our goal is to connect internationals with Dutchies.

Are the trips fully in English?

The trips are both in English and Dutch depending on the Road Trippers that join that day.


Yes, unfortunately we have to include a 21% VAT in the prices for both our day trips and our weekend trips, which will be all gifted to our beloved government..The VAT, however, is already calculated into the price.

Why is the booking system in English? I'm Dutch and Mai Ienglish is not zo goed.

Since we are a Start Up, we used a program to make our own website, we are proud of it, but it also comes with a price, as not all parts of the website are able to be translated. If you need any help with booking a trip, you can always contact us if it doesn't work! 

* Deze FAQ is binnenkort ook in het Nederlands

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