About TRTC

We know it can be hard to settle in a new country. You don't know anyone, you don't understand the language and have no idea where to go....... Or maybe you just want to go on an adventure for a day (or weekend). Well, here is your chance to see more of The Netherlands ánd make new friends, as we are happy to introduce to you: 
                        THE ROAD TRIP CLUB

The Road Trip Club (TRTC) provides adventure and amazing sights by taking you to interesting and beautiful places in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, including: Hiking in Germany, a journey through The Veluwe by bicycle or kayaking in the Belgian Ardennes. 
We are based in Nijmegen, but we have different meet up locations all over The Netherlands, get on the bus, relax and we'll take you to the right place.
We also organize fun events, like a pub quiz, beer garden, Hallowine, Christmas party and many more! 
A fun way to meet others and feel more at home! 

Everyone is welcome to join our trips and events: both internationals and Dutchies (ja, ook jullie Nederlanders die graag in contact willen komen met internationals óf wat meer parels van ons kikkerlandje willen ontdekken) and meet new people from all over the world while getting to know The Netherlands and its neighbours better. 

                      So, what are you waiting for?

                  Check out our upcoming activities &
          become part of The Road Trip Club Family


Sabine van der Voort

I LOVE TRAVELING! I used to live in Aruba

and China and have traveled around quite a lot.
Since I have lived in two different countries

I know it can be hard to find people to hang out with or to navigate your way around a new country.
After living in China (where I met Andrea), I came back to the Netherlands, and resumed my old job as a P.E. teacher, but I wanted another challenge on the side. 

I wanted to do something for the expats in The Netherlands.

So I called Andrea and told her my plan for TRTC and right away she was excited and so it began.

The rest is history!


Andrea Zaalman

Living in China, let me tell you, wasn't always easy. During the first few months I experienced culture shock, had trouble adjusting and couldn't say more than

"Ni hao!" (in a country where most people couldn't speak much English).

On top of this, other expats seemed to be nowhere to be found. Luckily, I stumbled upon an amazing travel agency that organises trips for expats and locals. I was a bit hesitant, but decided to give it a try. This turned out to be a great choice. Not only was I able to discover the beautiful Chinese scenery, but I also met a lot of amazing people, both foreigners and locals. It was as easy as getting on a bus, and it did me a world of good. Later that year I moved in with Sabine and together we had countless awesome adventures.

And so, we decided to bring this beautiful concept to The Netherlands to give you the same amazing experience and hopefully make you feel more at home in a foreign country.

I hope to meet you soon in real life during one of our trips!

Please be safe all!

p.s. This is me on a same kind of trip during my first month in China enjoying the beautiful view high up a mountain, hanging there on a fragile bridge, laughing my nerves away and desperately trying to meet other expats/locals.... Well, it helped, I met them and ended up staying much longer than I originally planned (I was supposed to stay 1 year max).

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Meet Tamara

Yeaahh, The Road Trip Club has her first intern! Meet Tamara:

Mijn naam is Tamara en op het moment ben ik 21 jaar en zit ik in het vierde jaar van mijn studie en ben ik bij Sabine en Andrea terecht gekomen voor mijn afstudeeronderzoek, een nieuwe uitdaging die ik met beide handen aangrijp. Ik vind het concept van TRTC erg leuk en ik ben blij dat ik daar nu ook mijn steentje aan kan bijdrage. Als ik zelf in het buitenland zou zitten voor mijn werk of studie zou ik het heel tof vinden als er zo’n bedrijf is die je in contact brengt met andere mensen! Zelf hou ik heel erg van reizen en ben ik het liefst altijd op pad om leuke dingen te doen en nieuwe dingen te ontdekken! In Nederland, maar ook heel graag in het buitenland! De aankomende periode ga ik me vooral bezig houden met allerlei onderzoeken, maar je zou me ook zeker wel eens zien tijdens een van de trips!!