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Road Trip with The Road Trip Club, Three Border-region:

Had an amazing time together: ✔

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Super lieve meiden - Amit, March 2021

"Amazing experience! I joined The Road Trip Club for the Three Border region trip, including a hike on the border with Belgium and an adventurous experience of climbing in the 'adventure forest'. It was lots of fun and very professionally organised; also with the utmost safety and care for the participants. I absolutely recommend The Road Trip Club for everyone who wants to meet new people and see different places! Look forward to joining new trips!

Thank you Andrea and Sabine of The Road Trip Club! :)" - Jakub, March 2021

Comments Trip "The Waterleidingduinen": 
☀ "It was such a lovely day. Thank you for the organization and good vibe!"

☀ "Thank you for the nice trip!!! It was really nice!!!"
☀ "Same here, it was a great trip. Thanks a lot! 
☀ "Thank you all for the fabulous day! It was so much fun!! " 

"What a great way to discover the country, to meet people and to have fun in this Corona time! I joined TRTC for a day trip to Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen & Zandvoort.

I had so much fun with the group and I enjoyed this full day outside, discovering places. Don’t hesitate, book your next trip with Andrea and Sabine!"- Eloïse, March 2021

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